Newsletter Archive September 2021

September 2021 Newsletter

I recently created an archive for these newsletters on my website.  As I uploaded my past newsletters onto it, I realized that I had shortchanged you readers by not giving you the answers to my TV Western trivia quiz.  So here it is:

  1. What did the show Shane and the show Kung Fu have in common?

David Carradine starred in both.

  • Which member of the Cartwright family of Bonanza appeared in the first episode of The Rebel?

Dan Blocker (aka Hoss) as a bad guy.

  • Who sang the theme song to The Rebel?

Johnny Cash

  • Who played the lead in The Deputy?

Henry Fonda

  • What was the unique weapon in Wanted Dead or Alive, and what was the name given to it?

It was Winchester rifle, cut down on both ends.  It was called the Mare’s Leg.  (I had a toy version of it as a kid.)

  • What was Sugarfoot’s favorite drink when he walked into a saloon?


  • What was the image in the center of Paladin’s calling card in Have Gun, Will Travel?

The black horse chess piece.  The knight.

Have Gun Will Travel is the mark of a man

A knight without armor in a savage land

  • Who was Marshall Dillon’s first deputy?  (This one is a gimmie!)

Chester, played by Dennis Weaver.  His horse, Barney was retired to Frontier Town in Pottersville, NY when Weave left the show.

  • What company was the sponsor of Death Valley Days?

20 Mule Team Borax

  1. Who played Cousin Beau in Maverick?

Roger Moore (who also played The Saint and was James Bond for a time.

See you next month.  Stay safe!