Newsletter Archive January 2022

I had a little bit of free time before I had to bundle up again and face the Blizzard of 2022 and snow blow the driveway. But that free time disappeared, as it seems to do, so we are back, and I am writing this.We came up from Florida to babysit our Norwell, Mass. grandkids while their parents celebrated their anniversary on the beach in Puerto Rico. It also included my 70th birthday. Naturally, this coincided with what may be the biggest ever snowfall in this area in years. There were four go-arounds on their very steep driveway and 22,000 steps later, and I was done.

I understand that this was considered a significant birthday, and it called for some introspection, but I’m not inclined to do that here. Instead, I want to sit and smile at all blessings I’ve received but never deserved and all the friends and family who sent me birthday greetings. As I said on Facebook, I am amazed at how many people a: remember me, and b: don’t hold a grudge. 

I also thank all those who taught and influenced me as I grew up. I am not brilliant by any stretch, but I have decided that the best way to celebrate this and all future birthdays is to leave some legacy behind.

I have decided to encourage people, including my grandchildren, to always think for themselves and never allow anyone to influence them by playing on their fears or prejudices. Perhaps the clearest example of this is the recent report that a butterfly preserve in Texas had to shut down because of death threats to the personnel. It seems that the callers were acting on information given to them by some online influencers that the butterfly preserve was a front for child trafficking. I repeat, a butterfly preserve!

I want my grandchildren and others to know that the important thing is how we deal with our prejudices. Yes, the only people who can say they have no prejudices or biases are saints and liars.

Until next month, please be safe.