Newsletter Archive February 2022

Given the overwhelming news coverage of the war in Ukraine, I thought about skipping this month’s newsletter other than to suggest that we all offer up a prayer for the victims of this ongoing atrocity.

However, the news articles included some mention of blacks and others of color being denied access to trains evacuating refugees.  There was even a quote attributed to someone in a position of authority that they should walk to the border.

The temptation is to simply ignore this given the greater tragedy unfolding.  But, as a follower of European soccer, I have come across many examples of this sort of behavior directed at black players, often in games in Eastern Europe.  Given that the news is telling us that all Ukrainians are helping and supporting one another, I wonder why this might not apply to minorities.

Then, today I read an article in the Guardian that really got me thinking about the intensity of support for the Ukrainians and concern for their civilian refugees, as compared with those who have suffered in conflicts elsewhere in the world, as in Myanmar, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

I won’t get on my high horse about this, other than to repeat my comment from last month that we all have prejudices, but it is how we deal with them that determines the kind of person we are.

Please read this article.