Newsletter Archive April 2021

Once again, I’m going to renege on my promise to talk about writing a novel, until next month.  In fact, I will be foregoing most of this month’s newsletter.  Part of this is due to our having gone away to Hawaii for a week and part is due to the fact that I am presently running a promotion campaign for “Rage In The Woods” right now.  This campaign is going very well and is getting a lot of people to check out the book.  I confess that it is providing the eBook for free through May 4th

Now, those of you who bought a copy are probably feeling a bit betrayed, which I understand.  So, I offer you the ability to immediately exact your revenge.  Contact all of your family, friends and acquaintances to go to Amazon, type in the title of the book and purchase it for free before midnight on the 4th.  I will get $0 for the transaction.  Can you say “Mwaahahaa!”?

The purpose of the promotion is to expand awareness of the book and perhaps coax Amazon to market it, if the numbers over the next few days support the notion.

I will be back next month with a full newsletter, I promise.

Take care.