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Newsletter Archive August, 2021

8/31/2021 Newsletter It seems to me that these days, many people are standing up for their rights, as they perceive them to be.  On the surface, this would be an

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Newsletter Archive January 2021

1/30/21 Newsletter Dust in my brain’s attic, volume 1 (My first attempt at a newsletter.) Change of plan.  I initially suggested that I’d be talking to you about how easy

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Newsletter Archive March 2021

Okay, okay!  I promised to talk about publishing a book and I will do so, but first.  I must vent my spleen on two different and unrelated headlines today. The

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Newsletter Archive April 2021

Once again, I’m going to renege on my promise to talk about writing a novel, until next month.  In fact, I will be foregoing most of this month’s newsletter.  Part

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Newsletter Archive May 2021

Let’s see now!  Hemingway, Clancy, Cornwell, Gerritsen, Grisham, YOU?  Maybe not the fame, but at least the writer part. We all have life experiences.  We have all observed the lives

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Newsletter June 2021

June 30, 2021 Six months ago, I embarked on a journey into the Fine Arts.  My kids got me a bass guitar and a set of lesson books, and I

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Newsletter Archive July 2021

July 28, 2021 So, how many of you ever think about going to the Great Beyond?  Now that’s the way to set the mood, isn’t it?  I don’t ponder the

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