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Newsletter Archive June, 2022

Okay.  So, I’m late again.  Been busy.  We just got back from our nephew’s wedding in Portland, Oregon.  I am now watching the movie Gettysburg, that I normally view over

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Newsletter Archive May 2022

May 2022 Newsletter Perhaps I should not have taken a month off from my newsletters.  The last 6o days have been nothing short of ghastly.  Ukraine, baby formula, mass shootings,

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Newsletter Archive

March 2022 Newsletter Our grandparents and parents seemed to be stronger than us.  After all, they included “The Greatest Generation”.  This may be true or not, but the reason why

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Newsletter Archive February 2022

Given the overwhelming news coverage of the war in Ukraine, I thought about skipping this month’s newsletter other than to suggest that we all offer up a prayer for the

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December, 2021

It is January 1, and I expected to just wish you a Happy New Year and leave it at that. But then today, I came across an article in The

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Newsletter Archive October 2021

October 2021 Newsletter I know, I know.  A few days late.  I’ve been pulling together the outline of my next book, working title, “Cries In The Woods”. My wife and

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Newsletter Archive September 2021

September 2021 Newsletter I recently created an archive for these newsletters on my website.  As I uploaded my past newsletters onto it, I realized that I had shortchanged you readers

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